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  1. WR Ceramiic Glass Protector

    WR Ceramiic Glass Protector

    Sigma Water Repellent (WR) Ceramic Protector Filter Learn More
  2. WR Circular  Polarising

    WR Circular Polarising

    Sigma Water Repellent (WR) Circular Polarising  Filter Learn More
  3. WR UV

    WR UV

    Sigma Water Repellent (WR) Ultra-Violet (UV) Filter Learn More
  4. WR Protector

    WR Protector

    Sigma Water Repellent (WR) Protector Filter Learn More
  5. Tripod Socket

    Tripod Socket

    A tripod socket is used to mount telephoto lenses on a tripod. The socket collar permits rapid release for quick lens changing. Learn More
  6. DG Filters

    DG Filters

    Range of Sigma Filters includes Sigma DG UV, Sigma DG Wide Circular PL, Sigma DG Circular PL Learn More

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