APO Tele converter 1.4x EX DG

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The APO Tele Converter is compatible with digital cameras, and when mounted between the lens and the camera body, it can increase the focal length of the lens by the power of 1.4. It is also compatible with the AF function, depending on the open-aperture F value of the lens being used, and it works with the AE (Automatic Exposure) function, dispensing with complicated exposure calculations. It increase maximum photography magnification by 1.4X, without any variation in the minimum focusing distance.

Case included

matching list

Lens construction 5 elements in 3 groups
Focal length 1.4x that of a master lens
Aperture coupling range F2.8 - F32
Reproduction ratio 1.4x that of a master lens
Dimensions 68.5 X 19.5mm
(2.7in. X 0.8in.)
Weight 160g (5.6oz.)

*Dimensions and weight include the SIGMA mount.

UPC Code

SIGMA 00-85126-82440-2
CANON 00-85126-82427-3
NIKON 00-85126-82455-6
SONY 00-85126-82462-4
No accessories

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